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Exclusive Event



with Professional Photographer Rachel Gillespie and

Astrophotographer Jarred Wilson

Mackenzie Country

9th August 12.00pm -12th August 12.00pm


Accommodation not included in this adventure, base yourself in Twizel, pickups possible Christchurch THE DAY PRIOR


*EXCLUSIVE EVENT* these events always sell fast

Jarred Wilson Photographer and Rachel Gillespie Photography have connected to share Astrophotography and Mackenzie Landscapes with you over 3 Nights, 4 Days. This workshop with have a predominant focus on the Astro however depending on weathers we can mix it with landscapes where required

Apply for more info to

+ taking you to our favourite secret spots that come from years of exploring and finding awesome compositions in the area
+ coaching in mastering your camera settings and finding the best compositions while on location
+ use of our gear and showing you the best lenses for the purpose
+ teaching you how to use Kase Neutral Density filters
+ teaching you the principles of astrophotography and techniques to capture epic night images
+ personal coaching with your gear, making sure you get the best out of it
+ advanced post processing tuition over 4 days, learning to create beautiful images from the images you capture


Contact us for more info and to book


Rachel Gillespie - Fulltime Photography and Tourism Guide and owner of NZ Travel Adventure

Rachel Gillespie is a full time Guide in the South Island of New Zealand and has hosted guests at Lakestone Lodge, The Lindis Lodge and other places around the Region. Her passion is the night sky and astrophotography is her love.  She is very serious about the Aoraki Mount Cook Dark Sky Reserve and the Kaikoura Dark Sky Trust and the affects that light pollution has on our skies and is a mum of 3 awesome kids and runs her busy Guiding and Tourism Photography Business from South Canterbury and Kaikoura.  She loves helping people to master the basics and get results and some really great adventures along the way.

Landscapes has become another favourite pastime and becoming a close second to the night sky photography. Rachel shoots with Canon R6, EOSR and 6D and Kase Filters,


Lenses: Tamron, Canon, Samyang and DJI



Rachel Gillespie holds a current first aid certificate and NZ Travel Adventure holds public liability insurance. 

DOC Approved Rachel Gillespie and Southern Photography Adventures Limited


Workshop Early Bird Price now is $NZ1,999.00,  this is 20% off price now before it goes up

+64275 178 732

jarred 8.jpg

Jarred Wilson

Photography Tutor

Jarred shoots on Fuji both film and digital, he brings a huge knowledge of technical gear and photography, his work is created with meticulous detail and planning, based in the North he ventures South on a regular basis to shoot the outdoors here and is stoked to be hosting with Rachel

Jarred first picked up a film SLR back in the early 2000s to take photos at RallyNZ and entered the world of digital photography back in 2008. Jarred has been pointing his camera at various things including Motorsport, Food, Handmade Knives and of course Landscapes/The Milkyway, which is where he spend most of his time with his camera. Jarred still shoots with a mixture of film using a Fuji GSW690III, a Canon film SLR and a custom made 35mm Panoramic camera - and on digital with the Fujifilm GFX100S and an Astro modified Fujifilm X-T3

JT WIlson Photography

Rachel Fiordland Jo C.jpg

Rachel Gillespie

Professional Photographer + Guide

Use this space to introduce yourself and share your professional history.

Rachel Gillespie runs an accredited full time Guiding and Tourism Photography Business roaming the length and breadth of the South Island. Born and bred here and with a great passion for landscape photography, she’s the perfect person to guide us through her backyard to more magical locations than you’d ever know were there. Astrophotography is also a great love of hers and she is a whole hearted advocate for the Aoraki Mount Cook Dark Sky Reserve and running focused astro workshops. She thoroughly enjoys supporting people to master the fundamentals of all aspects of landscape photography, get results they’re happy with and is always up for some really great adventures along the way!

Rachel Gillespie  


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