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Exclusive Evening at the Lakestone Lodge


Private 3 Night Workshop at the Lakestone Lodge

17-19 July 2020

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With Astrophotographers

Rachel Gillespie, Rachel Roberts and Jordan McInally of Undersoul Phototgraphy




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Jordan McInally - Astrophotographer

Rachel Gillespie Astrophotographer

Rachel Roberts Astrophotographer


Accommodation at the Lakestone Lodge

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Join Astrophotographers Rachel Roberts, Rachel Gillespie and Jordan McInally for a Private hands on Adventure of Astrophotography, Evening Under the Stars Talk (17th July) and stay at the stunning Lakestone Lodge in Lake Pukaki, Mackenzie Country



Includes the Evening of Astrophotography Event 17th July

PLUS private adventure

PLUS advanced post processing over 3 days



The Event will start out at the Lodge, some practical knowledge about how to take an astro image and setup your gear, head outside for some photography as the Milky Way rises above our heads and then back inside for a drink and nibbles where Rachel Gillespie will share her story around the Mackenzie and some insights in how she has created a business in this field and Rachel Roberts will share some of her advanced strategies on how she shoots and creates amazing panoramas. Out on location Jordan McInally will share with you how he shoots of the most most amazing night sky images you have ever seen. There will also be some post processing on the night shown.



One Night our guides will take you out into the Mackenzie Country to some of their private locations and a the other night on the Lakestone Lodge Property, here you will learn the advanced techniques and be hosted at the beautiful Lakestone Lodge Luxury Accommodation for 3 nights

For those not wanting to stay at the Lodge there are 5 tickets available only for the 2 night Adventure and Evening under the Stars

Learn how to master your camera without thousands of dollars of gear, or maximise the gear you have invested in.

How to shoot in different lighting conditions and moon phases

What settings to use on DSLR or Mirrorless Camera these can vary 

How to edit/post process your images to an International Astrophotography standard

Shooting in a Dark Sky Reserve where the ISO is up high

What apps to use and how to plan your shoots

Different types of software options for editing

File management and storage, saving files for web and for print strategies


Gear requirements or questions get in touch but you will need a DSLR, tripod and wide angle lens at a minimum 

(gear is available to hire at extra cost)


Rachel Gillespie - Fulltime Photography and Tourism Guide - Mackenzie New Zealand

Rachel Gillespie is a full time Astrophotography Guide in the Mackenzie Country New Zealand and hosts guests at Lakestone Lodge and other places around the Region. Her passion is the night sky and astrophotography is her love.  She moved to the Aoraki Mount Cook Dark Sky Reserve last year as a permanent home where she is a mum of 3 and runs her busy Guiding Business from Twizel.

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Rachel Roberts is an Astrophotographer from the South Island's West Coast of NZ


From Rachel Roberts

"I’m  from the beautiful West Coast of the South Island.

I’m a wife, new mum and B&B owner by day, and astrophotographer by night.


Being obsessed with the night sky since childhood and having a keen interest in photography, I decided to give astrophotography a go after being gifted my first DSLR from my legend of a husband.

Mesmerised by the images of NZ’s world class astrophotographers, but not having a clue how to use my fancy new camera, I would sit for hours researching techniques, learning the basic functions of it and spending countless nights under the stars in the pursuit of producing epic images such as theirs.


I love travelling and exploring new places and capturing the area by the light of night.

I focus on creating multi row panoramas to showcase the scale and beauty of the place I’m shooting, producing high resolution images.


From sleepless nights standing under the crispest, clearest skies on the planet soaking up the light from billions of distant suns, to the excitement of getting my images up on screen to process and make them come alive, I love everything about this genre of photography and look forward to sharing my knowledge with creative like minds."

Jordan McInally - Undersoul Photography - Jordan is a fulltime photographer based in Queenstown New Zealand

I was born and bred in this magical little town called Queenstown on April 15th, 1992 and haven't been able to leave its beauty ever since.. my photographic career started while working as a photo & video operator for AJ Hackett Bungy where I spent 4 & a half years honing my photographic skills every day in every light condition imaginable. This practice has allowed me to focus all my attention on my creative side as the technical/settings side of things is second nature.

My real passion is in my landscape and astrophotography work as this gets me out in nature and fuels my adventurous side.. I love the whole process of getting out, capturing nature in its most beautiful moments, then bringing home epic images to re-live the moments while processing the images and really bringing them to life.

My approach to photography is to just get out there and get lost in the moment, I try to utilise my excitement and make the most of wherever I am and work with what ever conditions I get, which allows me to create amazing images no matter the condition, expectation can sometimes blind you from the beauty in front of you.. At least 90% of my best images were un-planned ;)

I enjoy every type of photography and while I specialise in landscapes, wedding photography has a special place in my heart! theres something special in sharing a couples excitement on their special day and I love the challenge of capturing the day and making sure my clients are happy and get the best images possible.

While photography is my main passion, I also am an avid metal/rock drummer, I've been playing drums for 10 years and have recorded and album with my band rules of addiction called "World Made of Lies".

I also love slack lining, mountain biking, skate boarding and collecting tattoos..


Rachel Gillespie and Jordan McInally hold a current first aid certificate and NZ Travel Adventure holds public liability insurance. 


Contact me for more info on accommodation, there are only limited rooms left for the Lodge available for the workshop dates, package price included

+64275 178 732

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