Join Astrophotographers Rachel Roberts, Jordan McInally of Undersoul Photography and Rachel Gillespie for a Private hands on Adventure of Astrophotography, Evening Under the Stars Talk and stay at the stunning Lakestone Lodge in Lake Pukaki, Mackenzie Country

LIMITED SPACES (partners can stay also, enquire with us)


The main focus of this workshop is for Astrophotography Panormas and Post Processing, all levels welcome but we do however have a beginners/intermediate event in June 2021 also
PLUS adventure
PLUS advanced post processing over 3 days


Our guides will take you out into the Mackenzie Country to some of their private locations and a Night on the Lakestone Lodge Property, here you will learn the advanced techniques and be hosted at the beautiful Lakestone Lodge Luxury Accommodation for 3 nights


Rachel Gillespie is a full time Astrophotography Guide in the Mackenzie Country New Zealand and hosts guests at Lakestone Lodge and other places around the Region. Her passion is the night sky and astrophotography is her love.

Jordan McInally is a full time photographer whom specialises in large night sky panoramas and astrophotography photoshoots and workshops in the Queenstown area where he is born and bred.


Rachel Roberts is an Astrophotographer from the South Island's West Coast of NZ
"I’m Rachel, from the beautiful West Coast of the South Island.
I’m a wife, new mum and B&B owner by day, and astrophotographer by night.

Being obsessed with the night sky since childhood and having a keen interest in photography, I decided to give astrophotography a go after being gifted my first DSLR from my legend of a husband.

Mesmerised by the images of NZ’s world class astrophotographers, but not having a clue how to use my fancy new camera, I would sit for hours researching techniques, learning the basic functions of it and spending countless nights under the stars in the pursuit of producing epic images such as theirs.


I love travelling and exploring new places and capturing the area by the light of night.
I focus on creating multi row panoramas to showcase the scale and beauty of the place I’m shooting, producing high resolution images.


From sleepless nights standing under the crispest, clearest skies on the planet soaking up the light from billions of distant suns, to the excitement of getting my images up on screen to process and make them come alive, I love everything about this genre of photography and look forward to sharing my knowledge with creative like minds."
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Astrophotography Workshop Lakestone Lodge August 2021

$3,490.00 Regular Price
$2,990.00Sale Price
  • Let us know if you would like to upgrade and bring your partner to the Lodge and share the experience while you attend the workshop